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DR. PRACHI PATIL – MD (Medicine)
Dr. Prachi Patil is currently working as a consultant Rheumatologist at Ojas Arthritis, Rheumatology and Plastic Surgery Center Nashik. She has more than 10 years of experience in rheumatology. She is the best Rheumatologist in Nashik.

She is also working in various different peripheries like Dhule, Malegaon and has also extended her services at health centers in micro peripheries like Pimpalgaon, Sinner, Yeola, Sangamner.


To Touch Care Holistically & Heal The Lives of The Patient Suffering Rheumatism With Science & Art Of Medicine


Patient Pro Biology & Evidence-Based Humane Care In Rheumatology

  • A new patient will be given adequate doctors time.
  • Bring your key medical information. Include any other medical conditions you have, as well as information about any previous evaluations or treatments.
  • Make a list of any medications, vitamins, herbs or other supplements you take.
  • Include the doses and how often you take them.
Diet won’t cure rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but the right food choices can help by controlling the inflammation that wreaks havoc in the body, delivering nutrients your body needs and helping you maintain a healthy weight. That’s important because excess weight adds to pressure on achy joints and can make certain RA meds less effective. What’s more, body fat produces proteins called cytokines that promote inflammation.
Objective of physiotherapy and rehabilitation application in patients with RA are to prevent disability to increase functional capacities to provide pain relief & to provide patient education. We conduct assessments by asking detailed questions about your symptoms, medical history and daily life.

Using specific tests we can then measure joint movements, muscle strength, and functional abilities, in order to provide you with appropriate treatments and advice.
Health is the most important asset that a person has. To keep it safe and to protect it is an every-day duty. Have you wondered what it would be like to have all the pleasures of the world and still not able to experience and enjoy it because you are not healthy enough to? taking preventive measures for your health is important, and getting the right guidance to it is equally important. Taking control of your health is a task, and in the rush of our professional and personal life we forget about it.


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